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Empowering self-employed New Zealanders with personalised advice

ACC provides a no-fault personal injury insurance cover to all New Zealanders.  We all pay ACC Levies, whether you are self-employed or employed. What many self-employed workers don’t realise is that they have a choice when it comes to how much they pay in ACC levies. ​


ACC can be an expensive insurance, considering it only covers you for accidents and not illness. We work with self-employed workers to restructure their ACC cover, looking at ways to use the savings towards a more comprehensive cover for both illness and injury. ​ 



ACC Cover Plus Extra

Clarity at claim time, agreed value cover.

Invoiced based on your level of agreed cover. Usually results in significant cost savings.

Pays 100% of that agreed cover.

It does not conflict with continued business income.

Pays 100% of benefit as you return to work part-time.

You do not have to prove your loss of income.

ACC Cover Plus (Default)

Invoiced based on your last year’s financial earnings.

Pays 80% of your taxable income based on the last financial years earnings.  This is often a downfall for many as your income fluctuates more than an employee’s and can be hard to provide exactly what you earn at claim time.  

Will be a reduced pay-out if your business continues to generate income during your time off work or if return to work on a part time basis.

You must prove loss of income.

This is the default scheme you will be automatically entered into when you become self-employed.

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