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Buy-Sell Cover

Protect Your Share In Your Business

Business Meeting

What Is Buy-Sell Insurance?

Together with your accountant and/or lawyer, we'll put together a plan to ensure that the business shareholders can convert their holdings into cash in the best and simplest way possible.

In the event of death or disability, the most common and efficient way of funding an exit strategy is buy-sell cover in conjunction with the appropriate documentation to support it.

This makes sure sufficient funds are available to compensate the insured person (or family) for the transfer of their share in the business to the remaining owner.

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Continuity Planning

Could your family survive financially without your income? Look after them no matter what the future brings.  Life Insurance is peace of mind that they'll be able to pay the bills, mortgage or rent if you're not around.

Buy-Sell agreements provide continuity of your business and protects the financial interests of each co-owner and their families.

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