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Income Protection Insurance?

What Is Income Protection Insurance?

Income protection insurance is a type of insurance that’s designed to protect your monthly income if you can’t work for an ongoing period, due to sickness or injury.  This can be used to ensure your lifestyle is maintained while you are unable to work, and you don't fall behind financially, or have to rely on public funding that might not meet your financial needs.

What Are The Benefits?

Income protection insurance provides the ability to keep your lifestyle going if your income stops.  This includes basic living costs like rent/mortgage payments and bills, but can also include lifestyle costs such as KiwiSaver contributions and savings.  Lifestyle costs may seem like a luxury if you were unable to work, if you couldn't save for the rest of your working life, what would your retirement plans look like?


 A survey by the Financial Services Council (FSC) of New Zealand in 2022 found that most employed New Zealanders have less than 6-months worth of expenses saved. The same FSC research showed that 40% of New Zealanders would be unable to access $5,000 (without going into debt), if something unexpected were to happen to them.

How would you cover your monthly costs if you were unable to work?


How Much Income Protection Insurance Do I Need?

We can help you work out the right amount based on your current income levels. Typically, insurers offer up to 62.5% of your gross income, however this is not taxed so is generally not too far off your after tax income.

What Can You Use Income Protection Payments For?

Payments from a claim can be used in any way you like.

When Do Income Protection Payments Start?

You can choose when payments will start after your claim has been accepted. This means deciding how long you want to wait before receiving payment. Options typically include 4, 8, 13, 26, 52 or 104 weeks. You can also select how long you want payments to continue. The choices are typically 2 years, 5 years or to age 65. We can help you work out what’s right for you.

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