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Review Your KiwiSaver With A Specialist Adviser

If you haven't reviewed your KiwiSaver investment recently, it always pays to check you are in the right fund.

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Have you reviewed yours recently?

KiwiSaver Investment

Are You In The Right Fund?

Many New Zealanders are not making the most out of their investment by staying in the wrong fund for their life stage (or not knowing what fund they are in at all!).


This can mean missing out on thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your KiwiSaver fund. By choosing the right KiwiSaver fund, with the help of one of our specialist advisers, you can rest assured your money is working hard for you, whether that is towards buying your first home or providing for retirement.  ​

We can show you have your fund, and others available in the market are performing as well as how they score for ethical investing and against your personal financial goals.

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